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photo series (ongoing),
35 mm film b&w and colour. 


A man wanders through a landscape. He seeks a way to relate to the landscape; he is vulnerable, yet he has an affecting presence.

Se Perdre (to get lost / to be lost, to wander, to lose oneself) reflects on the relationship between man and landscape. Man is depicted as a vulnerable, yet affecting, whereas
 landscape refers on one hand to the mental construction of the subject (man): a manifestation of man's perception and imagination on the various elements of nature, a projection of a state of consciousness. On the other hand landscape seperates from man: the natural landscape. By creating a cultural landscape, the subject (the wanderer, the photographer, the spectator) leaves its trace behind. How can we relate to landscape other than consuming it, using it as a cultural achievement, an identity construction?

Se Perdre. © 2023, Myrthe Vinck.                                                                                                                                                                           



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