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Myrthe Vinck (°1991) works with various media such as photography, video, film, text and audio. Her work is a transformation of thoughts, impressions and emotions into image, sound and text. These transformations come about through a reformulation of these impressions starting from her memory. In this way she explores questions related to memory: the act of remembering, the interplay between individual memory and identity, fiction and reality, and word and image. Her work stems from encounters, and because she is often guided by her curiosity about the different spaces of humanity and the so many different ways of living, these encounters are mostly transcultural. Her curiosity is expressed through a certain involvement and observation where she depict things, people, places. Subsequently, she tries to develop her curious perception of the world and fellow human beings and to reflect on the own culture and ideas in relation to those she encounters. A journey outwards becomes a journey inwards. In addition to this personal approach, she wants to produce material that stimulates awareness and/or reflection, as well as emotion and/or wonder.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in film and a master’s degree in photography. In addition to these studies, she completed an advanced bachelor's degree in global citizenship and development, and attended a master's degree program in cultural studies.

rite de passage

education, residencies, internships, workshops

2020 & 2022,

   Guest artist: Park Poetik, Platform Poetik, KNEPH, Brussels, Belgium.

2019 & 2021, 

   Artist in residence: Els Igols, Torrelles de Foix, Spain. 

2019 - 2020,   

   Master Cultural Studies, KU Leuven, Faculty of Arts, Belgium.

2018 - 2020,   

   Master Visual Arts, LUCA School Of Arts, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, Belgium. Graduated Cum Laude.


   Guest artist: atelier camera obscura, Ik ben een STILLEVEN, KNEPH, Leuven, Belgium.


   Intern: centro de arte e cultura, SAC, ACOPAMEC, Mata Escura, Salvador, Brazil.

2016 - 2017,   

   Advanced Bachelor Global Citizenship and Development, University Campus Leuven - Limburg, Belgium. Graduated.

2012 - 2015,   

   Bachelor Audiovisual Arts, LUCA School Of Arts, Campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, Belgium. Graduated.


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